acting together for inclusive and high performing organisations

curbing harassment and discrimination of all kinds

safeguarding human integrity

advancing inclusion

acting together for inclusive and high performing organisations

curbing harassment and discrimination of all kinds
safeguarding human integrity
advancing inclusion

Designed for employees and employers alike

Designed for employees and employers alike


 10.10.2020 : World Mental Health Day
REZALLIANCE’s birthday


Harassment and discrimination are destructive forces that cause trauma, both at the individual and societal levels.

Healing necessitates profound self-work, beginning with finding your voice: sharing your truth, making your voice heard, acknowledging the harm endured, releasing feelings of guilt and shame, and shifting your perspective from victim to survivor.

However, not everyone is equipped to navigate this often lengthy, arduous, and painful process of recovery. Resilience varies among individuals, influenced by numerous factors that may be lacking when most needed.

That’s why I established Rezalliance – as a lifeline for those affected by workplace harassment, like a “flotation jacket” to lean on while weathering the storm.

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”  (Maya Angelou)

REZALLIANCE: Nurturing Resilience for Individuals and Organizations

At REZALLIANCE, we craft practical and constructive solutions to bolster both employees and employers on their journey toward resilience, both in psychological and organizational terms.

Our approach places humans at the center, with the aim of enabling individuals to escape highly detrimental situations and bounce back while providing employers the means to implement corrective and preventative measures. In doing so, employers not only enhance organizational performance but also boost their appeal as employers of choice.

In essence, our mission is to foster and support a transformative process that benefits both individuals facing challenges and the organizations they belong to.

the problem in facts and figures


59% of Swiss-based employees have been confronted by bullying at work (also known as moral harassment or mobbing). survey – 2011


28% of women will experience sexual harassment at work during their working lifetimes.

Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs


26% of Swiss-based disabled workers reported being discriminated against at work

Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs



Through information and education about a plague that affects all types of workplaces.


Help individuals affected to quickly find the support best suited to their specific situation.


Proposing efficient solutions to protect human integrity in the workplace.

Demographic and cognitive characteristics, such as age, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, social class, health status, neurodiversity, and more, are among the many facets that make each person unique. They can also render individuals vulnerable targets at any point in their professional lives.

Individual behavior is influenced by cultural and educational conditioning, resulting in conscious and unconscious actions that may lead to harassment and discrimination.

Therefore, coordinated and integrated actions are essential to address both the consequences and the underlying causes.

A conscious choice to view our differences as a source of richness. Ensuring that employees are respected in all their diversity and treated equitably fosters a sense of belonging and security, enabling each individual to realize their full potential and make a meaningful contribution to value creation, benefiting the entire organization.

21 April 2021 – Le Temps
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The term coined by lawyer Kimberlé Crenshaw helps shed light on the lived experiences of individuals who are impacted by multiple forms of discrimination simultaneously and interactively.

In these cases, it is imperative to consider all the various aspects to comprehend the problem comprehensively and provide effective solutions.

This intersectional and holistic dimension lies at the core of Rezalliance’s approach, aiming to design relevant solutions for a problem that is far too complex to be analyzed from a single perspective.





We firmly believe that all organizations have a vital role to play in fostering a more inclusive society. We serve as an additional resource in the social fabric, one that employees and employers can depend on to transform a detrimental experience into an opportunity for personal and professional growth.


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